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Spread Betting Welcome to Spread-Betting.org the Financial Spread Betting site. We are here to offer you all things spread betting:

Spread Betting Price Comparison

A spread betting comparison of some of the most popular spread betting markets. For a full comparison see spread betting companies.

Spread Betting
Financial Spreads - Spread Betting InterTrader - Spread Betting City Index - Spread Betting
FTSE 100 daily (spread size) 0.7 1 1
Dow Jones daily (spread size) 1 2 1
EUR/USD (spread size) 0.7 1 1
GBP/USD (spread size) 1 2 2
Gold (spread size) 4 4 4
UK Crude Oil (spread size) 4 4 6
  Spread betting may also be available with other companies - notes.

Spread Betting Guides

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Spread Betting Account Comparison

A look at key aspects of spread betting accounts from some of the leading providers.

Spread Betting
Financial Spreads InterTrader City Index
Candlestick Charts Candlestick Charts available with Financial Spreads? Candlestick Charts available with InterTrader? Candlestick Charts available with City Index?
24 Hour Trading 24 Hour Trading available with Financial Spreads? 24 Hour Trading available with InterTrader? 24 Hour Trading available with City Index?
Typical Minimum Stake £1 £1 £0.50
Min Account Opening Deposit £0 £0 £100
Web Platform Web-based Platform available with Financial Spreads? Web-based Platform available with InterTrader? Web-based Platform available with City Index?
iPhone App iPhone Platform available with Financial Spreads? iPhone Platform available with InterTrader? iPhone Platform available with City Index?
iPad App iPad Platform available with Financial Spreads? iPad Platform available with InterTrader? iPad Platform available with City Index?
Android Apps Android Apps available with Financial Spreads? Android Apps available with InterTrader? Android Apps available with City Index?
Stop Loss Stop Loss available with Financial Spreads? Stop Loss available with InterTrader? Stop Loss available with City Index?
Guaranteed Stops Guaranteed Stops available with Financial Spreads? Guaranteed Stops available with InterTrader? Guaranteed Stops available with City Index?
Demo Account Demo Account available with Financial Spreads? Demo Account available with InterTrader? Demo Account available with City Index?
Credit Account Credit Account available with Financial Spreads? Credit Account available with InterTrader? Credit Account available with City Index?
FCA - Authorised and Regulated Financial Spreads Authorised and Regulated by the FCA? InterTrader Authorised and Regulated by the FCA? City Index Authorised and Regulated by the FCA?
  Spread betting may also be available with other companies - notes.

Spread Betting and Trading News

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Spread Betting Companies

Financial Spreads Financial Spreads
Financial Spreads offers all the advantages of spread betting, including tax free trading* and a wide range of markets, as well as a range of extra benefits such as 24 Hour trading, spreads as low as 1 point for the FTSE 100 Rolling Daily and…For details see Financial Spreads.
Capital Spreads Capital Spreads
At Capital Spreads there are free Demo Accounts for the less experienced investor. The more experienced trader can take advantage of commission free, tax free trading* on thousands of global markets with no broker’s fees. They also offer…For details see Capital Spreads.
City Index City Index
City Index offers around the clock access to equity, index, currency and commodity markets all over the world as well as tax free trading* and commission free spread betting. Clients can also make use of risk management tools which…For details see City Index.

Spread Betting Risks

Before you spread bet though please note that you can lose more than your initial investment. Spread betting carries a high level of risk to your capital so ensure that it matches your investment requirements. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the risks. Where necessary, seek independent advice.

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The Advantages of Spread Betting

1) Spread Betting is Tax Free*.

There is no Capital Gains Tax, no Stamp Duty and no Income Tax on spread bets.

2) Wide Variety of Markets

Financial spread betting offers a wide variety of markets on which you can trade including the World’s leading stock markets indices, forex, commodities, stock and shares, interest rates, sectors and bonds.

3) No Commissions or Brokers Fees

Because you are trading directly with a spread betting company, and not through a brokerage, the vast majority of spread betting companies do not charge any commissions or broker's fees.

4) Two Way Trading

Spread betting lets you trade in both directions. You can spread bet on markets to go down. If you think that a stock market index like the FTSE 100 or DAX 30 will go down, you can speculate on it to go down.

Naturally, if you think that a market will go up then you can still spread bet on it to go up.

5) 24 Hour Trading

Whilst you can spread bet online and over the phone there is the additional advantage that a range of markets can be traded outside market hours. The London Stock Exchange may close at 4.30pm London time but with firms like FinancialSpreads.com you can trade the FTSE 100 Index 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

6) Free Data and Information

Most of the leading spread betting firms provide free charts to their account holders. A number of the spread betting firms also provide free financial data, and whilst the data available can vary, it often includes Events Calendars, Market Heat Maps, Technical Analysis and Company Specific Data.

7) Spread Betting Risk Management

Investing does have its drawbacks and spread betting is no different. Nevertheless, there are things that investors can do in order to reduce their downside.

Trading with small stakes is a useful risk management technique. Yes, your profits may be smaller but your potential losses are also reduced.

Also, adding a Guaranteed Stop Loss Order to a spread bet helps reduce the risks without reducing the upside. If an investor started losing on a trade, and the market reached the pre-determined level of the Guaranteed Stop Loss, then the Order will close the trade and stop any further loss of capital.

Why Spread Betting

With the world in recovery mode, many people are still questioning how the markets got so out of control. They are also questioning something a little closer to home; their own finances.

Diversification of assets, tax efficiency and opportunities in volatile markets are all key areas for many investors. And most of us could benefit from a little more research and financial planning.

Naturally a lot of people are being proactive. They are searching for better savings rates, buying and selling stocks and shares, actively moving their mortgages etc.

Financial spread betting may have been around since the 1970s but investors are now turning to this form of trading in ever greater numbers. The speed at which you can trade, the number of trading opportunities and easy access to global markets make spread betting worth exploring.

Naturally, as with all types of investment, be it on stocks and shares, ETFs, pensions etc, there is a negative side and with spread betting you need to be careful because you can lose more than you initially invested.

Nevertheless, as listed above, spread betting does offer a wide range of benefits.

Spread Betting Companies

Latest Review: Financial Spreads - the London based financial spread trading firm has launched a new platform that offers a wide range of improvements as well as improved pricing and...more: Financial Spreads.

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